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Refinext is a next generation electronics recycling company with a unique focus on the reclamation of metals from cell phones and related materials.  We are a turnkey service provider for companies that operate in the recycling, refurbishment and reuse of cell phones.  Our specialty is helping these companies leverage their end of life materials management by offering greater revenues and environmental reporting transparency.

Refinext helps companies benefit from our direct-to-refinery relationships. We offer customers with small quantity lots container volume pricing.  Our customers receive better and faster revenues with precise certificates of destruction documenting where the materials were received for metals reclamation.

Our unique model benefits all parties in the cellular recycling industry by making EOL materials more valuable and enabling companies to more profitably manage materials streams.  It also benefits the environment, reducing speculative purchasing by keeping marginal materials within a documented and safe recycling system.

Refinext is a zero reuse company. ALL materials collected go directly through destruction and materials reclamation with no competing internal or external interests compromising this integrity.  In short, once we receive the materials, they are reclaimed to the level of the periodic table and reused as metals. They are never reused as phones.  This ensures our customers peace of mind; knowing that the materials entrusted to us for recycling will never appear on the market again, anywhere.


Nancy Keer Armstrong, Founder and President

Nancy is an experienced champion for the evolution of technology from corporate, public and private sector perspectives with decades of experience in various business verticals. Ms. Armstrong has been instrumental in bringing green initiatives to local businesses and public entities supporting the belief that one must think globally and work locally for the protection of the environment.

Philip T Armstrong, Chief Operations Officer

Jeannie Holley Kemp, National Sales Manager